In order to observe the production of our meals in the dining halls;

Nutrition is the intake of nutrients and nutrients necessary for growth, development and health. Adequate-balanced nutrition is the consumption of foods containing these substances, which science has determined and recommended for the development and protection of health. No food alone can keep the others in place, and it can not cover all of the nutrients that the body needs. Applying unhealthy diets that are not written by specialists, direct or indirectly affecting your health can affect you in many ways from vitamins and mineral deficiencies to irreversible health problems, affecting you physically and enduringly. Our dietitians working in our unit are in charge of providing counseling services to students and staff who want to have healthy and high quality food service and have knowledge about nutrition.

Our meals are prepared by taking care of cleaning / hygiene rules in our kitchen at Gölbaşı 50. Yıl Campus and are presented in our dining halls located in Faculty / High Schools.

Our meals are designed for our students and staff   energy and macro nutrients required to be taken at one time, and determined by our dieticians as a (1) month, monthly and sufficient, balanced.

Our kitchen is cleaned after cooking and our dining halls are cleaned after service.

Our kitchens and canteens are regularly drugged every month.

The kitchen and cafeteria staff (cook, waiter, dishwasher, etc.) carry infectious diseases and are followed up regularly by portor examinations.

Meal times: 11:30 to 13:30

Food Prices:

Student: 3.50TL

Officer-Employer: 7.50TL

Faculty Member (Prof., Assoc.,): 13.00 TL

Other Academic Staff: 10.00 TL

Worker: 12.00 TL

Guests: 21.00 TL

All opinions and suggestions regarding our kitchens and dining halls are meticulously evaluated.


February 05 Cooking Menu


  • TARHANA ÇORBA (168 kkal)
  • KAĞIT KEBABI (457 kkal)
  • SADE ERİŞTE (301 kkal)
  • MEYVE (80 kkal)
  • 1006 kkal

Click for the February 2020 Food Launch Menu


  • Prof.Dr. Funda Pınar ÇAKIROĞLU (Komisyon Başkanı)
  • Prof. Dr. Duygu ÖZEL DEMİRALP
  • Doç. Dr. Aslı UÇAR
  • Daire Başkanı Sema ŞAHİN
  • Uzm. Dyt. Başak YILMAZ PEHLİVAN
  • Dyt. A. Pınar KIRIŞ
  • Dyt. Büşra DURMUŞ
  • Gıda Müh. Işıl IŞIK